Meet MobileGenius.AI

Smart AI that organizes your life and routes calls to you globally at local rates.

MobileGenius.AI is the world’s first device that enhances your smartphone with Artificial Intelligence, and remotely allows access to 2 SIM cards anywhere in the world.


Extend your phone’s capabilities by additional 2 SIM cards and conveniently access them remotely via our app



Separate personal calls and WhatsApp messages from your business calls and business WhatsApp communication



Place and receive phone calls from anywhere in the World – at local rates

MobileGenius.AI can be controlled on your phone via the proprietary Remote Touch App interface

A single hour of charge can last an entire day and even boost the operating hours of your phone. MobileGenius.AI is currently available in two colors, Oxford Blue and Porcelain White.

MobileGenius is backed with Artificial Intelligence that can provide you with smart suggestions and replies within the app interface or even be set to organize important tasks for you in the background.

Grab your own MobileGenius today!

MobieGenius.AI is now on Indiegogo. Order your own device now and say goodbye to roaming charges.